About Us

Lucky Plush Toys, Inc.

Lucky Plush Toys, Inc. provides custom solutions for organizations by using custom plush teddy bears to further your philanthropic programs. Our products are made with premium-quality skins, stuffed with 100% new materials and have added safety features to reduce the risk of choking hazards for even the youngest of your recipients. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service by being flexible, communicative and accommodating to your requests. From concept to delivery, our mission is to produce and deliver a product that is safe and exceeds your expectations, all the while promoting your brand and spreading your goodwill within your communities.


  • Embroidery to Add a Permanent Logo or Message
  • Custom Teddy Tee Imprinting with your Logo or Message
  • Concept, Design and Production Assistance


Founded in 1993 by Beverly Clarke, Lucky Plush Toys, Inc. started importing plush toys and selling them to Retailers nationally. Carrying a large selection of premium quality, well-priced plush toys allowed us to penetrate a heavily saturated stuffed toy market and supply our unique product line to grocery chains, floral shops and boutique gift stores around the country. In 1996, Lucky Plush Toys, Inc. began offering customization. Using our own designs and factory connections overseas, we were able to produce unique custom plush toys, with the same high standards we’d become known for, to promote various global brands. We also focused on creating a core group of stuffed plush teddy bears marketed to further the various programs of not-for-profit organizations. Family owned and operated for over 20 years, Lucky Plush Toys, Inc. still continues to offer superior customer service and customization of premium products, making our custom plush toys the perfect way to further your brand or program awareness.